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Monday, 19 August 2019

Amazon Carding New Method WORKING 1000% - Latest Carding tricks

Amazon Carding New Method WORKING 1000% - Latest Carding tricks -  As a field of carding from the last 3 years, I am also in the carding world. I saw too many fake videos, tuts about Amazon Carding Method but none of these methods are working nowadays because of amazon high security. You can't bypass amazon by shitty VPNs I will give you some good methods to card products.

Carding is very popular in India and Noobies want to card high-security sites this does not make sense? I will suggest you start from low-security sites that I will provide too in this article just stay and keep reading.

When I started Carding I ripped many times by Rippers. Always test the methods, keep searching on sites, forums. don't give money to the unknown person who is only showing you fake order images or screenshots.

What is Carding?

First of all, you have to know what is carding? carding is a process of buying online products without paying from your CC (credit card) or bank. But it's isn't easy you need to know the whole concept that how it works? right

Amazon Carding New Method

Basic turms to get into carding world

1. first of all you have to know that its illegal and you can be caught by anytime do it by your self.

2. You have to know about VPN and socks5 etc.

3. don't be too greedy always try to card low-security sites.

4. Always be anonymous.

5. Don't show off in front of others that you are carder.

6. You have to know about CC (credit card) and Bin ( Bank identification number). There are two types of cc Non-vbv and vbv.

7.  you have to know about what is IP address?

8. Last but not least if you are going in the carding world trust me, buddy, you need a very brave heart it's my personal experience.

Before I tell you about requirements let me tell you the difference between non-vbv and vbv CC.

vbv cc = Verified by visa cc

Non-vbv cc = Non Verified by Visa cc

vbv cc is verified by visa and its hards to card a site with these ccs you need dumps if you want to card site with vbv cc. but in this Amazon carding trick, I will recommend you non-vbv cc.

Requirements for Amazon Carding New Method

You can start carding by your self you just need some basic concept as I described above after that these are main requirements for amazon carding CC (Credit Card), VPN but I will recommend you socks5 it's much better than Vpn or you can go with paid VPNs. Also the internet and a good phone or Pc I will recommend Pc. I will provide you a non-vbv cc bin list so it's easy for you guys.

  • CC - First, to all buy a freshly loaded cc (Credit Card) from any trusted site like unicc and more.
  • VPN - VPN means ( Virtual private network) which will shift your IP address from real to the cc owner.
  • Socks5 - socks5 is a Proxy that provides fresh socks and it will help you be anonymous without getting fear of tracing.
  • A Good Internet connection -  Always use a fast internet because in the ground you are also using socks5 or VPN.
  • PC or Mobile - Good mobile phone or pc is needed for amazon carding.

Now you are all set and ready to card amazon site. Remember follow all the rules or else you will be in big trouble and go it by your self.

How to Card Amazon?

I will tell you both methods of pc method and mobile phone methods. first of all, I will tell you guys mobile methods on how to card the amazon site with mobile phones because 80% of visitors have mobile phones.

Amazon Carding Using Mobile method -

As I know the mobile method is easy as compare to the pc method if you do it correctly without missing any steps. let's get into in and order some products from amazon.

Requirments -
  • Paid VPN like HidemyAss ( Best for mobile)
  • A safe browser I will recommend chrome.
  • Fresh cc
  • Confidence 
Steps For Amazon Carding ( Latest)

1. Open your paid VPN and connect with your cc owner country like if your cc owner is from the US then connect your VPN for the USA.

2. Open and click on create a new account you can also your old account for carding its much easy with that but don't use your personal account.

3. Go to the Temp mail website where you will get temporary mail don't use your own mail.

4. Create a new amazon account with that mail id.

5. Make sure your VPN is connected in the background.

6. after creating a new account login it and add something in your cart product around 100$.

7. Now go to payment selection and add your cc info in it.

8. Log out the account after adding cc detail.

9. wait for 4-5 hours and then log in your Amazon account to make sure you are connected to VPN with the same IP used to create an account or else your account will get a ban.

10. After login goes to cart and remove that product and add your product you want to buy as I said early don't be greedy it's your first order I will recommend you to go with low price products.

11. Click to check out after adding now its time to add your address where you want your product don't use your address always use a virtual address like Vpost ( this will provide you the free address for ordering)

12. After adding your address it's final and payment time use your saved card info to pay that you have added 5 hours ago and click on pay

13. Always do Bill = Ship at ordering time

14. Boom !! if your cc is fresh with loaded money your order will be placed.

15. Log out your account after ordering.

16. wait for a tracking link that amazon will send you on your mail which is our temp mail site mail.

18. If you have followed me all steps by step then there is a 99.9% chance for your order.


Do not close the temp mail page because you will get a tracking code of the product. Remember the IP which you have to choose to create an amazon account. Don't login in amazon id after order got placed just wait for tracking code on temp mail.

Amazon Carding Using Pc Method -

So after mobile users its time to tell PC users to Card amazon. But you can also try the mobile method. For the pc method you need socks5 and its paid don't go with free proxies because most of the free proxies are blacklisted.

Requirments -
  • Socks5- Proxy to be super anonymous and its also connected to the exact country + city of your cc owner so it's easy to pay money.
  • Good PC - A fast and good pc is needed for it don't use any laggy pc which will be hanged at your carding process.
  • CC-A fresh CC 
  • RDP- if you don't have socks5 you can go with RDP.,
  • CCleaner - to remove unknown cached data.
1. if you have socks5 then connect with your cc owner matched address or if you have RDP open it.

2. after Socks5 and RDP set to go to IP checker and check your IP address. Also, use CCleaner to delete cache data.

3. if your IP address is cc owners' address then you are good to Go.

4. Go to the temp-mail site and click on the change icon and now rename the mail with your cc owner name and click on done.

5. Now go to and create a new account with that mail.

6. after creating a new amazon account Add your payment method and log out your account.

7. Wait for 5 minutes and re-login your account and remove that payment method and add anything in your cart.

8. Now click to proceed to checkout.

9. Enter your virtual address from Vpsot don't use your address.

10. After all its time to pay money click to pay and fill your card info and pay.

11. Boom !! guys your order got placed.

12. After placing an order logout your amazon account and wait for amazon's confirmation at your temp mail account.

13. Always do Bill = Ship at ordering time

14. You have to be patient and wait for mail if you have done everything the same there is 99.9%  your order got placed for sure.


Don't be panic do everything slowly put every detail by your hands like cc owner name Cvv or mm/yy. Because Amazon has very active security they will detect it easily and ban your account.

After Amazon Product Got Delivered to Vpost

if your luck is with you then your product will surely get delivered to vpost so here s the steps on how to transfer vpost product to our original address.

Amazon carding through vpost

Follow These Steps - 
  • Go to Products and check out it for the order.
  • I will recommend you pay here via your PayPal or card don't use carding cc for it.
  • they will charge to by product size and weight.
  • Put your address and boom !!
  • your product is on the way to you.

Reasons why your product is not delivered or shipped

  • Dead CC 
  • VPN or blacklisted proxy
  • Payment declined by owner bank
  • You have to follow all the steps.
Sorry, I can't provide a video for this method because I am sharing it only for educational purposes. Do give your hope to try new methods try new bins and one day you will card your product from amazon. 

Want to know more and my opinion

To be honest, don't give your hard work money to someone who said he will card product for you Do it by your self and you will succeed one day always trying to find bank Loopholes to bypass payment method. The above methods are working fine you can try it.

If you want more sites which are low in security and easy to cardable you can comment down below I will give you very easy 2D payment gateway sites with matching BIN.

Few Non-Vbv CC Bins

  1. 430023 
  2. 438949 
  3. 488893 
  4. 426429 
  5. 480012 

Always keep learning if you are new then find what is BIN, what is the difference between 2D and 3D payment gateway, What is VPN, What is Socks5, etc you have to know all the basic concepts.

Don't buy CC or VPN or socks5 from unknown people always go to the sites which provide these things and buy from them, with this trick you can't be ripped or lose money. For the motivational purpose, you can watch HACKER movie its the one of the best Carding Related Movie and it's my favorite too.

You cant survive on high-security sites that's why I recommend you a low-security site with 2D payment methods. it's easy and fast and also no one notices it you can direct order to your real address.

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