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Sunday, 15 October 2017

What's So Trendy About Virtual Reality That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Hello everyone!
Welcome to EverythingUnlocker.Our new post is about the new revolution in computer technology,which is,no doubt,Virtual Reality and whats so unique in this that it got everyone's,keep on reading....

Virtual reality is the new rising technology in Computing and it is driving everyone insane.Mostly the Gaming community because last year's game developers conference was totally focused on the VR.This happened after the release of Pokemon Go.It was a huge international hit and a new trend in gaming technology.After that many VR versions of poplar games were released including Minecraft and Vendetta Online.Many other VR focused games are released like Batman Arkham-VR and Doom VFR.

BY 2016 there were at least 230 companies developing VR-related products.Several VR-Headsets were released for gaming.These included The Oculus Rift,HTC VIVE,Playstation VR and The Magic Leap.

The main trends of Virtual Reality in Gaming are-

~VR with friends rather than alone

Latest VR based games let us play with friends rather than playing alone.We can play multiplayer with people we've never met.It is pretty exciting to get two people in VR Space and get to see how they walk and interact with the world.It lets you feel as if you were actually in that room with them,which is pretty powerfull.

~Physical Collaboration

VR and its experimental tech contemporaries are exploring new ways to incorporate body as more than just an anchor to the physical world.Implications of physical are vast like gestural controls and recogonising capacity of range of movement from players.What does it mean for a player,psychologically,to encourage them to stand tall and strike a powerfull pose?What might it mean to force them into crouched position ,to feel small?
Well,you will soon discover this cuz the way VR going,it looks the future of Gaming.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.Feel free to share your views by commenting :)

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