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Saturday, 14 October 2017

FIFA 18 all you need to know about the gameplay.

FIFA 18 is developed by EA CANADA and is known to be one the best FIFA in the history.

Last year EA launched FIFA 17 the game was not much good because it was low scoring and due to this FiFa 18 is much much better.

There are few improvements that make the game more exciting. the sign of EA, the developer of the game is fixing frustating things of the gameplay.

There are few things that will drive you insame because players have learned to cope up with things due to part of game from long.

FIFA 18 should be a must buy franchise for all FIFA lovers.

One of the best feature of FIFA 18 is that it has introduced Real Player Motion Technology and its for the first time in the history of FIFA.

Improved team styles

Fifa 18 now improved tactics give players greater options on the ball and also new attacking runs.

Crossing is also different in FIFA 18 from FIFA 17. Now the simple cross has more pace and has more curve on it, as compared it had more-looped delivery the last year now it makes the game feel more realistic.

Company have attempted to make this change a much more essential than the last version the game.
The one press for the long pass button in FIFA 17 could generally behead a cross field ball that authorize a player out of mess.
Its not so smooth this time.

A player will need much higher skill to drag the move off, along with the duration of pressing the button and position of the body.

A new powered tackle has been imported in the game in company with the basic standing tackle.
By pressing the standing tackle button for some time the defender will make a tough more natural effort to gain the ball.

Shielding is also a overwhelm action in the game that can aid with bumping off that wih adjacent checking.

A new trait has been made current that allow players to make swap on the run amid stop plays and you will not have to press pause.
This is succeeded by lenthy press of back bumper.

This is all about the latest Fifa 18.
Check back for more new updates :)

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